Sunday, December 25, 2016

10 amazing facts about Human Body - You probably don't know

Top 10 amazing facts about Human Body

In our ongoing quest for revealing unseen and amazing facts about a lot of things and phenomenons, which are a part of our everyday life. We are going to tell you about the most obvious and important of them all. The “Human Body”.

1. Humans sneeze at the speed of up to 100 Mph. And sometimes when you try to stop the sneeze, you are at risk of bursting a vessel in neck or brain.                    

2. The Heart has the capacity to pump 2000 gallons of blood each day. (Well! other than falling in love)

3. Once activated, the Acid in our stomachs is strong enough to dissolve zinc. (Thanks to the mucous layers on the inside of stomach walls which protects us from the horrible effects.)

4. The amount of Carbon in a single Human body is enough to fill 1000 pencils.

5. Bones have been experimentally proved stronger than concrete due to their sophisticated density and mineral composition.(courtesy of P.S.U, and not Bruce Lee’s movies)

6. The three Salivary glands of  Human body can produce enough saliva in a lifetime to fill up two swimming pools.

7. Human body has 206 bones, More than half of which (106) are present in hands and feet.

8. The human body has a neural network which can stretch about the length of 792 football fields. (about 45 miles)

9. The Human body can produce enough heat in 30 minutes, to bring a gallon of water to its boiling point.

10. Human nose can remember and distinguish 50,000 different smells. Well technically the "Olfactory Bulbs" present in the brain controls everything related to smells or nose.

Knew them all? we bet you didn't. so please leave your comments and tell us about your experience and if there is something we missed out, do let us know so that we may add it.